Professor S. W. Huck 

Brief Biographical Sketch & Abbreviated Vita

Schuyler (Sky) Huck is a Distinguished Professor/Chancellor’s Teaching Scholar at the University of Tennessee. His concerns for improving statistical instruction and helping consumers decipher and critique research reports show up in his books, journal articles, convention presentations, and courses. Others frequently use Sky’s applied/theoretical work, with scholars citing his publications in 337 different academic journals. Despite these achievements and other honors that have come his way, Sky takes greatest pride in (a) the fact that two of his students won, in different years, Outstanding Dissertation Awards in stiff national (USA) competitions and (b) comments from his students that say, in essence, “You helped me learn!” Sky’s hobbies include photography, puzzles, and poetry. In addition, he regularly helps to prepare and serve hot meals for the homeless and makes deliveries of nonperishable groceries to those in need.

Sections of Abbreviated Vita

1. Education         2. Employment         3. Books         4. Best Scholarly Articles         5. Best Papers Presented at National/International Meetings         6. Evidence of Scholarly Impact     7. Major Professional Honors     8. Website Development         9. Facebook Page         10. Indicators of Professional Humility

1.  Education      

Ph.D. (1970)  Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois,USA)

B.A. (1965)  DePauw University (Greencastle,Indiana,USA)

2.  Employment 

1983-now   Distinguished Professor/Chancellor’s Teaching Scholar, U. of Tenn.

1988-1989  Distinguished Visiting Professor, United States Air Force Academy

1977-1983   Full Professor, Educ’l/Counseling Psychology, U. of Tenn.

1970-1977   Assistant/Associate Professor, Educ’l/Counseling Psych, U. of Tenn.

3.  Books                                  

Huck, S. W. (2012). Reading Statistics and Research. (6th edition) Boston: Allyn & Bacon. Earlier editions: 1974, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008.

Huck, S. W. (2009). Statistical Misconceptions. New York: Routledge.

Huck, S. W. and Sandler, H. M. (1983). Statistical Illusions. New York: HarperCollins.

Huck, S. W. and Sandler, H. M. (1979). Rival Hypotheses. New York: Harper & Row.

4. Best Scholarly Articles (maximum of 2 per decade)

Huck, S. W. (2007). Reform in Statistical Education. Psychology in the Schools, 44(5), 527-533.

Huck, S. W., Ren, B., and Yang, H. (2007). How to Teach (and Compute) Pearson’s r Without Reliance on Cross-products. Teaching Statistics, 29(1), 13-16.

Huck, S. W. (1992). Group Heterogeneity and Pearson’s r. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 52(2), 253-260.

Huck, S.W. (1991). True experimental design. Journal of Experimental Education, 59(2), 193-196.

Huck, S. W., Cross, T. L., & Clark, S. B. (1986). Misconceptions Concerning Maximum z-Score Values. Teaching Statistics, 8(2), 38-40.

Huck, S. W., Clark, S. B., & Raney, G. (1985). Estimating the Success of Classroom Demonstrations in Statistics. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 10, 239-251.

Huck, S. W., & McLean, R. A. (1975). Using a Repeated Measures ANOVA to Analyze Data from a Pretest-Posttest Design: A Potentially Confusing Task. Psychological Bulletin, 82, 511-518.

Huck, S. W. (1975). A Procedure for Generating Data for Which the Correlation is Exactly .50. Mathematics Teacher, 68, 200-202.

5.  Best Papers Presented at National/International Meetings

Huck, S. W. (2002). A “Brain-Teaser” Puzzle-Question that Promotes Student Enjoyment of Statistics, Encourages the Use of Algebra, and Teaches Students a Surprising Fact About Statistics. American Educational Research Association (AERA), New Orleans.

Huck, S. W. (1986). Helping Students Grasp the Logic Behind Hypothesis Testing: A   Sequencing Tip. International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS-II), Victoria, British Columbia,Canada.

Huck, S. W. (1977). Item Sequence Effects in Tests Providing Immediate Feedback After Each Item. American Psychological Association (APA), San Francisco.

6.  Evidence of Scholarly Impact

Information in the Social Science Citation Index and the Science Citation Index shows that scholars writing in 337 different journals have cited Sky’s books and articles. (Note: That’s 337 different journals, not 337 different journal articles)

7.  Major Professional Honors

  • Scholarly work has been translated into German and Chinese
  • Had article selected for inclusion in The Handbook for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods (2nd Ed.) that “celebrated 25 years of Teaching of Psychology (1974-1998)
  • Named a Chancellor’s Teaching Scholar at University of Tennessee in 1993
  • Served as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at theU.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs (1988-1989)
  • Named a Distinguished Professor at University of Tennessee in 1983
  • Chaired two doctoral students whose dissertations won prestigious national awards in USA

8.  Website Development          

  • (This is a comprehensive, self-made companion website for the 5th &   6th editions of Huck’s book, Reading Statistics and Research)
  • (This is a comprehensive, self-made companion website for the 1st edition of Huck’s book, Statistical Misconceptions)

9.  Facebook Page  

10.  Indicators of Professional Humility

  • Despite many requests over 38 years, Sky has never autographed any of his books. Not one! Only famous people, Sky thinks, should be asked for, and give, autographs.
  • Sky has never cited his own published work in any of his own publications. Not even once! He refuses to use self-citations as a mechanism for self-promotion.
  • Sky invites all students (even freshman) to call him “Sky” rather than “Dr. Huck” or “Professor Huck,” and he gives them his home phone number with two instructions: (a) “Call if you think I can help with anything, even if it has nothing to do with the course you’re taking” and (b) “Never start out by saying, ‘I hate to bother you at home.’ ”

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