Big Data

One day, Bubba walked into his stats class carrying 10 huge posters, each with a single-digit number on it. The numbers, all different, ranged from 0 to 9. Upon seeing Bubba’s posters, Professor Garcia asked in a loud voice: “Why in the world, Bubba, did you bring those giant posters to class?” Without hesitation, Bubba responded confidently: “I thought these oversized numbers would help us, Doc, because the course syllabus says that today we’ll be dealing with ‘Big Data.’ ”

 (Note: This little effort at statistical humor comes from S. Huck)

Beyond the Joke: The phrase “Big Data” is a technical term that refers to data sets so gigantic that special tools are required to store, analyze, and “visualize” the data. If you don’t know much about the massive amounts of data that are being collected (routinely) these days, take a look at these 6 items. Items “a,” “b,” and “c” are YouTube videos that show how much data currently exists, items “d” and “e” are videos of TED Talks in which we see illustrative uses of large data sets, and item “f” is the Wikipedia information on “Big Data.”

a. Big Data Will Change Our World

b. Explanation of Big Data

c. Big Data, Big Opportunity

d. Big Data for Tomorrow

e. The Beauty of Data Visualization

f. Written info on “Big Data”



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